Why WorldTribe?

WorldTribe Counseling and Education specialize in connection and identity-based counseling. Many behaviors have their basis in our social experiences, our culture, our upbringing and our own personalities. WorldTribe focuses on getting to the heart of who you are. Helping you understand the person you are and the potential you have to manifest control over your own life.

Through programs of education and individual counseling, WorldTribe helps people identify their core values, gain integrity and authenticity and finally become self-determining. In other words, gain control over where your life is going.

Life can be challenging when you have a map of how things are going to pan out for you, without a map life can be truly terrifying. WorldTribe can help you address those fears with a unique mix of ACT, CBT and Mindfulness based therapies.

Please make contact with us now if only to ask the question as to whether we can help you make positive change Save & Exit s in your life and circumstance.

WorldTribe’s goal is to see our clients increase the level of hope and happiness in their lives.