You’ve helped me more than could be imagined already. Thank you – M.

Female Client M. (July 2017)

Private Counselling

Staff were particularly impressed by the presentation to the Year 7 cohort. This is a tricky group to engage as many of the children are only 12 years old and it can be difficult to find the correct tone of delivery and also the appropriate types of information to include in a presentation of this type. The presenter was able to include age-appropriate information – was very factual, business-like in his approach but retained warmth and openness in his discussions. He was also very approachable and open to taking student questions…. the school was pleased with the quality of the workshops and their delivery this year.

State High School (March 2017)

Education and Public Speaking

It takes me a while to trust people and open up but even in my first session, I discussed things I would never have expected to feel comfortable with. It was my first experience with any sort of counselling and I felt like I was able to get everything out. I got a lot of useful things even out of the first session. It’s not easy to make changes but it really helps to be encouraged along the way and feel supported. – P.

Female Client P. (Aug 2017)

Private counselling

It was a real surprise to us to learn so much from counseling. Even though we have been in a relationship for a long time we actually learned a lot about each other as well. It’s almost like meeting each other again for the first time. The experience has really helped us get to know each other again. – R&T

Clients R&T (June 2017)

Private Couples Counselling

I had a really hard time with my life after my wife left. I had no access to my kids and I was really angry. Talking about what goes in my head is not something I am used to. I only tried counseling because I was desperate. I was really surprised at how effective counseling was for me. After a few sessions, I got a handle on my anger and I felt a lot more in control and happier. I have changed a lot and I am still finding out new things. – J

Male Client J. (July 2017)

Private Counselling

*Due to confidentiality and ethical considerations all identities are protected and dates of engagement slightly altered.